Our Story

When people ask me why I love pizza, the answer is easy. I love bringing people together, and nothing does that better than great pizza.

It's the food for family, friends, co-workers, and teammates to gather around. Heck, it's got its own night of the week—pizza night!

When my little league soccer team had a party, we had pizza. When my parents left my brother and me home as teenagers, we had pizza. When I got my first college apartment, my roommate and I lived on pizza. Even my love for the restaurant business began when I got my first job at a pizza place.

I'll never forget what I learned there. "You look at the crust as a frame and everything inside is the picture," they said. 

Our goal at Ranchero Pizza is to paint you a picture that tastes like nothing you've ever had. The twist? We're bringing the elevated flavors of Latin and Mexican cuisine we've perfected in our Lucha Cantina kitchen to pizza. 

Don't waste everyone's favorite food on bland or predictable. Turn up the party with one of our bold signature pizzas. Whether it's a party of one or your whole crew—go bold with Ranchero Pizza!